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Cubierta 120x120cm

Elevate your cultivation experience with our high-performance Plant Light designed to illuminate a 120x120cm Grow Space. Our Plant Lights provide the ideal lighting coverage for your 120x120cm grow area, promoting healthy development and maximizing yields. Illuminate your indoor garden with confidence, knowing you have the perfect lighting companion to nurture your plants through every stage of growth.

These LEDS are compatible with 120x120cm Grow Tent,  6 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo Kits 

Cover 120x120cm


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Light Type
Core Coverage
Mars Hydro LED Series
Spider Farmer LED Series
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Mars Hydro FC-E4800 LED Bridgelux 480W Cover 120x120cm
€521,99 EUR €549,99 EUR
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Fluence SPYDR 2x 345W Cover 120x120cm LED Grow Light
€660,00 EUR €760,00 EUR
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Mars Hydro FC-E6500 LED Bridgelux 730W Cover 150x150cm
€678,99 EUR €699,99 EUR
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