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Cover 60x120cm

Transform your indoor gardening experience with our Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, expertly designed to illuminate a 60x120cm grow space. Harnessing advanced technology, these lights provide a tailored spectrum to optimize plant growth at every stage. Achieve maximum yields and vibrant foliage as our lights deliver the ideal intensity for your 60x120cm grow area. 

These LEDs are compatible with 60x120cm Grow Tent,  4 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo Kits 

Cover 60x120cm


Light Type
Core Coverage
Mars Hydro LED Series
Spider Farmer LED Series
Bespaar 8%
Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED Bridgelux 300W Cover 60x120cm
€302,99 EUR €329,99 EUR
Bespaar 5%
MIGRO ARAY 4 | 250W Cover 60x120cm
€335,99 EUR
Greenception, GCx 5solo PWR, 200W
€379,00 EUR