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Beginner's Guide to Selecting an LED Grow Light

Beginner's Guide to Selecting an LED Grow Light

Embarking on the LED grow light journey for indoor plants can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. In just 5 minutes, this guide will help you navigate through the diverse world of LED grow lights, ensuring you make the right choice for your specific needs.

Discover the key factors in this 3-step guide:

  1. The type of your growth
  2. The size of your growth area
  3. Types of LED Grow Lights Available

1.How and what is your growth?

You need to think about the kind of plant you are working with before choosing an LED grow light. Any plant may be grown from seed to flower using the majority of LED lights available today.

Consider less expensive brands lights if you're a hobbyist cultivating tropical plants, orchids, veggies, or medicinal plants in a grow tent or open space. Think about high end brands lights with ETL or UL certification If you are vertical farmers or large-scale commercial growers.

2.How big is your growing area?

The size and quantity of LED units you buy will depend on the size of your grow area. In general, flowering medicinal or "high light" plants such as tomatoes or peppers require 40 watts of actual wattage per square foot ( or 430W each square meter) of growing space when using LED grow lights.

About half of this wattage is required for vegetative growth in high-light plants. But, depending on how hard you want to push your plants, you can use as little as 340 watts or as much as 540 watts of light in a one square meter grow size.

Herbs and lettuces are examples of "low light" plants that need between 11 and 18 watts per square foot ( or 120W --200W each square meter) of growing space. This will change depending on the crop and desired light levels, though.

This fast reference chart will assist you in figuring out the appropriate wattage for your grow space.

Wattage should only be used as an estimation.

Grow Space






















 You can shop led grow light based on your grow size here.

3.LED grow light types

You may already know what kind of LED grow lights will work best for your crop and how much light your grow area will require. You will now learn about the several LED unit choices that are accessible to you.

You should buy a full spectrum LED light if you are growing plants from seedlings to flowers. But maybe you only need lights for lounging.

These days, the majority of lights can be entirely dimmed, and some even let you adjust the spectrum. The most cutting-edge LED grow lights that will enable an almost effortless grow are those that are wirelessly controlled.

It is reasonable to conclude that fully automated fixtures are the way that the LED grow light industry is headed.

Furthermore, a variety of LED grow lights with various shapes are available, such as bar lights, slim greenhouse lights, and fluorescent bulb replacements.

Combining everything at once

You may now begin your search for an LED grow light since you know the brand, the type, and the lighting needs. Please feel free to contact Fast Grow Store with any questions you may have about selecting your light.