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Mars Hydro Warranty & Return


Most LED grow lights are covered by a five (5) year limited warranty, including:

Within (1) year. Full-cover warranty: Free components, free repair service, free shipping costs.

(1)-(5) years. Limited warranty: Free components, the buyer is responsible for repair costs and shipping costs.

All inline duct fans are covered by a two (2) year full-cover warranty.

All heat mats are covered by a one (1) year full-cover warranty.

●Linear LED grow lights: “TS600” & “SP150” are covered by an EXCEPTIONAL five(5) year limited warranty, including:

  • (0)-(3) months. Full-cover warranty: Offer free substitute LED lighting, free shipping costs.
  • (3)-(12) months. Limited warranty: Offer free substitute LED lighting, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs and potentially incurred product upgrade costs.
  • (1)-(5) years. Limited warranty: Offer trade-ins to get new LEDs at 30%-50% off.

Please Note:

●No warranty for Mars Hydro grow tents.

●Warranty claims regarding the Products must be submitted in writing within (30) days of discovery of the defect or failure to Mars Hydro post-sales[solutions@mars-hydro.com] or authorized sales representative.



-Only LED Grow Lights can be returned or exchanged. Returns and exchanges must be initiated within 30 days from the delivery date, must be in the same condition that you received them, and in the original packaging.

-Mars Hydro Grow Tents and Grow Kits are FINAL-SALE items, once received, no return service would be provided. Therefore, if any defects, please contact us within 48 hours upon arrival of items, we’ll offer help.

-Once the return has been received by us, a full refund will be issued within 1~5 business days in your original form of payment.

-Unfortunately, we do not cover the charges of any returns arising from the buyer's personal will. If the item arrives damaged or defective(associated proof must be provided), we would issue a shipping label.

Read Before You Return:

1. Contact Mars Hydro Service [service@fastgrowstore.eu] before returning any items. Please note: Items sent back without authorization may not be refundable.

(1)Have your order information ready. Including order number, purchase platform, order email.

(2)Provide a brief description of the issue (if any). Photos(videos) of all labels on the original box are essential for us to proceed with your request faster.

2. Different regions have different return addresses. Do request return shipping information before returning any merchandise.     

If the goods are unable to be delivered due to buyers’ reasons, we will not refund any fees paid.