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Cover 90x90cm

Elevate your cultivation game with our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, meticulously crafted for a 90x90cm Grow Space. Engineered for efficiency and optimal plant development, our lights ensure your 90x90cm grow area receives the perfect blend of light wavelengths. Experience enhanced photosynthesis, healthier plants, and impressive yields with our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights. Illuminate your indoor garden with the brilliance of nature, tailored for success in every harvest.

These LEDs are compatible with 90x90/100x100cm Grow Tent,  4 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo Kits 

Cover 90x90cm


Product type
Light Type
Core Coverage
Mars Hydro LED Series
Spider Farmer LED Series
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Mars Hydro TSW2000 LED Bridgelux 300W Cover 90x90cm
€259,99 EUR €329,99 EUR
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Lumatek ATS200W LED for 80x80cm Grow Area, 2.3 µmol/J
€309,99 EUR €325,99 EUR
MIGRO ARAY 3 | 250W Cover 90x90cm
€309,99 EUR
Save 22%
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Save 5%
Lumatek ATS300W LED for 1m2 Grow Area, 2.3 µmol/J
€427,99 EUR €449,99 EUR
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