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Spider Farmer

Shopping Guide:
 What is the difference between the SF, SE and G series LEDs?
G series LEDs use Bridgelux chips, the SE series LEDs use Samsung LM301B chips,
and the SF Series uses Samsung LM301B & LM301H EVO chips.
2) Client Base:
G series for customers seeking cost-effective solutions;
SF series for clients looking to save money
SE Series is designed for customers who demand top-tier performance


FastGrowStore, as an approved Spider Farmer dealer, sells to all EU countries with no customs costs, and best price guarantee. The image below shows Spider Farmer's Certificate of Authorized Dealer.

You may shop with confidence at our store. If you want to validate our authenticity, please contact our representative, Judy from Spider Farmer, whose email address can be found in the picture.

Spider Farmer


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Spider Farmer LED Series
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Spider Farmer® 70x70x160cm Grow Tent [Pre-Order]
€179,99 EUR €229,99 EUR
Save 9%
Spider Farmer® 70x140x200cm Grow Tent
€289,99 EUR €319,99 EUR
Save 7%
Spider Farmer® 90x90x180cm Grow Tent [Pre-Order]
€259,99 EUR €279,99 EUR
Save 13%
Spider Farmer® 120x120x200cm Grow Tent [Pre-Order]
€329,99 EUR €379,99 EUR
Save 19%
Spider Farmer® 150x150x200cm Grow Tent [Pre-Order]
€339,99 EUR €419,99 EUR