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Cover 60x60cm

Illuminate your indoor garden with precision using our advanced LED Grow Light tailored for a 60x60cm grow space. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, our LED Grow Light provides the perfect balance for plants' light requirements. Unleash the potential of your 60x60cm grow area with a lighting solution that delivers results, bringing your plants closer to their full potential with every cycle.

These LEDs are compatible with 60x60/70x70cm Grow Tent,  4 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo Kits 

Cover 60x60cm


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Light Type
Core Coverage
Mars Hydro LED Series
Spider Farmer LED Series
Save 24%
Mars Hydro TS1000 LED Bridgelux 150W Cover 60x60cm
€129,99 EUR €169,99 EUR
Save 24%
MIGRO ARAY 2 | 125W Cover 60x60cm
€179,99 EUR