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G-Tools Sanlight dimmer

€30,00 EUR

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Steps/Dimming: 40, 60,80 and 100%
Suitable for:
 all Sanlight Q series lamps second generation
Max number of lamps to be controlled: 1
Inc.: Sunrise simulation setting

Sanlight Magnetic Dimmers

This Sanlight dimmer is suitable for all lamps from the Q series second generation.
The new generation of Sanlight Q series of grow lights is equipped with a contact to which this dimmer can be connected directly. With the supplied key, the power of the lamps can be set to 40, 60, 80 or 100% of the total power of the lamp. The current set power is indicated by a green LED light on the back of the Sanlight dimmer.
When 3 green LED lights are on, the lamp is set to 100% of its power. With 2 lights 80%, with 1 light 60% and no green LED light is on, the dimmer is set to 40%
As an extra "feature", the dimmer also has a so-called sunrise simulation function. This means that when the lamp is switched on by the timer, it slowly builds up to the set power (40,60,80 or 100%) over a period of 5

minutes. An orange LED on the dimmer indicates when this feature is enabled.

The Sanlight dimmer allows you to dose the amount of light. Plants need less light when they are young and small. A lot of light in this phase is often a stress factor. As your plants grow, you can increase the amount of light. This is not only better for your plants, but you also save electricity.
In addition, it also gives you the option of controlling the size of the plant. If your plants remain too small, you can temporarily reduce the light so that they stretch. If they threaten to get too big, you can give a little more light.

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