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G-Tools Bonanza Clima Model Bench (0,35m2) Grow Box

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G-toolDimensions (hxwxd): 119 x 61 x 61 cm
Surface: ~ 0.35 m2, space for 9 pots of 6.5 liters or 4 pots of 11 liters.
Material:  PVC / XPS / PVC sandwich panels
Fan: G-tools mini fan- 185 M3 can be activated at any time, including silencer
Filter: Prima Klima K2600, 240 m3
Control unit: Smartbox Wifi
Padlocks included
Warranty: 1 year for technical installation

Robusta mini grow box

The Bench model is the smallest grow cabinet in our range. The cabinet is the size of a large refrigerator and is easy to store in an unused corner of the house. This mini grow box is suitable for growing 1 to 5 plants in pots with soil. Ideal for those who want a fun hobby but have limited space.
With the Bonanza Bench model, you can grow your favorite plants indoors all year round, safely and productively!

Solid construction

The unbreakable shell of the Bench model of the Bonanza cabinet consists of aluminum profiles , plastic insert connectors and PVC / XPS sandwich plates.
Together they form an extremely solid structure that guarantees trouble-free lifetime growth.
Sandwich panels are designed by us and have great ability to reflect light, heat and sound insulation. The cabinet owes its elegant appearance to the door, which is made of a solid 3mm PVC panel with an aluminum top layer. This lockable hinged door not only prevents onlookers from entering, but also allows easy access to your plants.
This makes the Bonanza grow box suitable for use in any interior.

Extractor, filter and silencer in 1

To remove hot air from the cabinet, the bench model is equipped with a compact set of fan, filter and silencer.The G-tools mini air extractor in this set has enough capacity to cool lighting systems up to 250 Watts. The extractor is mounted directly on a PK K2600 carbon filter . The air is then first drawn through the filter and cleaned of unwanted odors before being expelled from the cabinet. Since the air extractor is mounted inside a special silencer, the noise of the outgoing air flow is reduced to a minimum. 45Db behind closed doors 1 meter away.
With continued use, the carbon filter will become saturated after approximately one year and will need to be replaced. This is very easy to do on your own. On our YouTube channel, you will find a demonstration video on how to do this.
You will find the filter and extra long cable ties for installation in our online store.

Prese d’aria G-tools

When the extractor is running and the door is closed, negative pressure is created and unfiltered air cannot escape from the cabinet. Due to the negative pressure, fresh, CO2-rich air is continuously drawn into the cabinet via 3 G-Tools air intakes. These entrances are installed at the bottom of the back wall of the cabinet and function as a labyrinth that lets in air but no light comes out. The filter, the air intake point, is located at the front of the ceiling. The air is then drawn through the box diagonally, past the plants, before being filtered and expelled without smell. The cabinet can vent directly into the room where it is placed. This Bonanza 0.35 grow box does not need to be connected to any external duct.

Smart Box Wi-Fi

 Wife Smartbox is mounted on the cabinet ceiling. This distribution box has four sockets for the electrical component in the grow box. Two of these contacts are direct voltage, one of which is used for the air extractor.
The other two contacts can be programmed via a free downloadable app and can be used to control lighting and an irrigation system. When the app is installed on your smartphone, you can set the lamp and pump on and off times from anywhere in the world.
If there is no WiFi signal where the structure will be placed, you can manually turn on these two contacts permanently and use an analog clock.

Fixing points for lighting

Bonanza Clima cabinets are supplied without grow light. There are, however, two mounting points for a ceiling mounted lamp. With the supplied "light hanger" pulley set , you can adjust the height of the lamp and always maintain the perfect distance from the plants.

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