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Prima Klima Fan Pipe Fan 125mm with Fan Controller 420m3/h for 1pcs 400W - 600W LED

€260,99 EUR

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Diameter flange : 125 mm
Motor : Swiss MES motor
Power:  60 Watt, 0.3A
Housing : low noise
Fan : 420 m3 per hour
Sensor : digital external temperature censor, incl. 4 meter cable
Incl.: mounting bracket, incl. cable
Warranty : 1 year
Duct fan with fan controller
This G-tools tube fan has a built-in fan controller. Ideal for use in rooms with large temperature differences (light on / light off).


The fan is equipped with a temperature sensor on a 4 meter cable. With two buttons you can set the desired temperature and the minimum rotational speed of the fan. When the temperature in your grow room exceeds the set value, the fan will gradually run at full power. If, on the other hand, the temperature falls below the set value, the speed gradually drops back to the set minimum speed. The tube fan with fan controller is protected against overheating with a thermal fuse.

The built-in fan controller works with a so-called hysteresis of 2 degrees. This means that the speed of the motor is gradually increased over a temperature increase of 2 degrees. The fan does not suddenly switch from minimum to full power.

15% extra airflow

The tube fan with fan controller has a very solid Swiss MES motor. The rotor blades are directed backwards, allowing 15% more airflow than regular fans. In addition, they make the fan extremely quiet.

With its 420 m3 capacity, it is the ideal fan for grow rooms with 1 lamp.

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